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There is irrefutable evidence that the socio-political and economic landscape in Sub-Saharan Africa today is troubled by endemic insecurity that is largely fuelled by the challenges of poverty, unemployment, religious bigotry and inequitable distribution of wealth among ethnic nationalities, among others. The embarrassingly high level of youth unemployment must be addressed to give the youth a sense of hope and belonging in the scheme of things, and rescue them from the clutches of despair and hopelessness.

To play a strategic role in creating jobs and wealth and restoring hope to youth through the creation of micro, small and medium enterprises, BETONIQ integrates their mass housing technology with Technical Vocational Education.

Like BETONIQ mass housing factory, Technical Vocational Training Institutes will be built and will focus on courses related to Building and Construction, Agriculture, IT, Fashion, Solar Energy System and Automotive Technology. A single full-fledged TVT Institute can enrol up to 1,500 students. When we assume every of the 500 students that graduate each year will start a small business with 4 employees (5 including the student). A single Technical Vocational Training Institute can create 2,500 jobs a year.

BETONIQ trains and employs over 95% local people.

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